Company Fact Sheet


High Reliability Military and Aerospace Printed Circuit Boards

Electro Plate Circuitry, Inc. (EPC) was founded in 1981 and is incorporated in the state of Texas. We are located in Carrollton, a suburb of Dallas, in a 40,000 sq. ft. facility.

EPC manufactures printed circuit boards, specializing in proto type to medium volume requirements with a focus on high reliability circuitry for the Military, Aerospace, Space Exploration and Satellite Systems. We manufacture Rigid and RF Circuit Boards. These parts are primarily used for radar and missile systems, antennas, communications, aircraft control, test equipment and power amplifiers.

Our key customers are some of the largest mil-aero prime contractors in the world. We serve Ball Aerospace, Lockheed, Raytheon, Harris, Orbital Sciences, BAE Systems, General Dynamics, General Atomics, NASA Goddard, and many of their subcontractors across the country.

These are extremely demanding customers with critical reliability needs. The foundation of our business is to provide our customers the most reliable circuit boards that can be made, and supply extraordinary service through the review, quotation and order fulfillment process. Our service and communication have resulted in being the preferred supplier for many of these high-rel applications.

Technical Capabilities

• 43 Layer Maximum • 12 Mil Pitch
• 276 Maximum Thickness • Micro BGA
• Hot Air Solder Level • 3 Mil Lines/Spaces
• Blind / Buried Vias • Selective Nickel / Gold
• Wraparound Edge Plating • Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold
• Selective Tin Lead Plating • Soft Gold
• Heatsinks / Thermal Planes • Full Etchback
• Drill Aspect Ratio 25 to 1 • Z Axis Milling
• LPI, Dry Film, & Epoxy Soldermask • Controlled / Differential Impedance
• Bonded Insulators • CAD Net List Electrical Test

Certifications and Materials

• Small Disadvantaged Certification (SDB) • AS9100 D ISO 9001:2015
• FSCM 79616 • ITAR Registered Manufacturer
• MIL-PRF-31032 1, 2, 5, 6 • IPC 6012 Type 1, 2, 3, 4
• MIL-P-55110 certified GF, GI w/ Etchback • IPC 6018 Type 1, 2, 3, 4
• Underwriters Laboratory UL 94-V0 • NADCAP Electronics Compliant
• Polyimide GI - Isola, Rogers, Arlon • Arlon TC 600 Thermally Conductive Microwave
• High Performance GF - Isola, Nelco • Arlon 6250 and 6700 Bond films
• Rogers - 3000 4000 and 6000 series • Arlon CLTE, Isoclad 917 and Isoclad 933
• Rogers - TMM3 and TMM6 • Arlon Cuclad 217 233 and 250 - Ticer Resist

Enabling Technical Proficiencies

  • Sequentially built up Multilayers with Mixed Dielectric Materials
  • Selective Mixed Plating Finishes including Reflow Tin/Lead, Nickel, Gold, ENIG, ENIPIG, HASL
  • Extremely Tight Line Width and Spacing Control using LDI and Precision Line Measurement CMM
  • Full Space Level IPC 6012/3A Certification meeting Etchback, Wicking, Copper Thickness and Wrap Copper Requirements
  • Cavity and Pocket Milling with Stepped exposure to internal Layers and Lands
  • Prototype through mid volume production
  • Thorough Technical Data package review and CAM Manufacturability and Compliance review

Key Contacts

Technical and General Management James McNeal, Vice President 214-564-6599
Sales and Customer Service Gloria Garcia, Sales Manager 972-466-0818
RF and Antenna Products Greg Thomas, Customer Service 972-466-0818
Quality Control Inspection Sharon Kirkland, QC Manager 972-466-0818